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High-Poverty Schools More Likely to Get Lower Accountability Ratings

A recent Texas Tribune news article notes that poverty continues to play a role in district ratings under the state’s new A–F accountability system. Overall performance showed improvement, with more districts receiving As and Bs this year. But, as many educators predicted, districts with more economically disadvantaged students were more likely to earn the Ds and Fs in the new system.

“Many educators refer to this trend to point out the flaws with the state accountability system: It’s much less likely that a school will perform poorly if its students come from higher-income families. The majority of a school’s rating is based on state standardized test scores, and low-income students tend to perform lower on those tests,” the article notes.

South Texas schools provided a bright spot. Despite their high student poverty rates, no school district received a score lower than a B.

The penalties for failing grades in the new system are harsh, with the state grappling with forcibly closing schools or taking over districts, including the state’s largest district, Houston ISD.

Read “Texas schools with more student poverty got the most Ds and Fs in state ratings,” by Aliyya Swaby and Mandi Cai, Texas Tribune.

August 29, 2019