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TASA Executive Director Responds to A–F Accountability Ratings

The state’s A–F Accountability Ratings were recently released, ostensibly grading Texas schools and districts and generating plenty of discussion. “We think it’s really important for schools to be accountable to their communities, the state, the federal government. But we also think it’s really important to be accountable to our students and for the learning experiences that we provide them,” said TASA Executive Director Kevin Brown in a recent interview.

“We don’t believe A-F represents or recognizes the complexity of the work that schools do. Students go through all kinds of experiences in schools. They have all kinds of demands on them, and our communities have a lot of expectations of what they want for their students so that they’re ready for the real world…our parents want their children to be prepared for the future and they don’t see the link between an A or B or C rating and what they want for their children,” Brown said.

Brown added that the high stakes of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) incentivizes teaching to the test.

He noted that 40 Texas school districts are piloting community-based accountability systems that rate progress based on community-identified priorities in addition to test results.

Listen to “Texas schools receive new A–F ratings,” Spectrum News.

August 26, 2019