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The 2020 Census Is Critical for Public Schools

The National Education Agency (NEA) is sounding the alarm about the need for an accurate 2020 census count for public schools. “An accurate census is key to schools getting the funding they need to serve every child who walks through their doors,” author Amanda Litvinov writes. But experts believe the accuracy of the census is imperiled by the recent addition of a citizenship question, which is likely to lower the response rate.

The census is critical to public schools because it determines the distribution of more than $14 billion in Title 1 grants to help schools serve 24 million students from low-income families; $11.3 billion in state special education grants; $13.6 billion for the National School Lunch Program; funds for the Head Start preschool program; and grants to improve teacher quality. An inaccurate count will result in public schools not receiving adequate resources to meet those needs.

Several states are suing over the decision to include the citizenship question. The NEA has signed onto an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to strike the citizenship question from the census.

Read “The 2020 census could make or break your public schools. Here’s why,” by Amanda Litvinov,  Education Votes, NEA.

June 26, 2019