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Commentary: School Finance Reform Is the Starting Point

A new commentary by education researchers David DeMatthews and David S. Knight says that the passage of House Bill (HB) 3 was a big step in improving Texas public education.

“Texas families should be appreciative that Republican and Democratic lawmakers were able to advance a funding bill that provides additional support to public schools, including opportunities for increased teacher pay based on performance and incentives for teachers to work in high-needs and rural schools that are often difficult to staff with high-quality teachers,” they write.

“Education dollars in Texas do not come easily, and this is a win for public education. But HB 3 is a starting point, not the finish line for school reform,” they write.

“…We should continue to expect our lawmakers to enact monumental policies that advance public schools in future legislative sessions as well as in regulations and oversight enacted by the Texas Education Agency,” they write.

“We can do this by electing politicians who value public education and recognize that the state must make ongoing investments into schools. They must also focus their attention on how money is being spent to ensure governance over education reflects the values of the state’s communities,” they conclude.

DeMatthews is an associate professor of educational leadership and policy at The University of Texas at Austin. Knight is the associate director of the Center for Education Research and Policy Students and an assistant professor at The University of Texas at El Paso.

Read “Commentary: School finance reform law marks the starting point, not the finish line,” by David DeMatthews and David S. Knight, Austin American-Statesman.

June 19, 2019