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Editorial: Senate Plan to Fix School Funding Is Flawed

School finance reform still hangs in the balance in the Texas Legislature. The Dallas Morning News noted a problem with the Senate’s version of the legislation, “…an obscure shift in the way schools must build their budgets each year that would take tens of millions of dollars away from large school districts and that would punish any district that saw property value growth.”

More than 50 districts sent a letter asking legislators to redraft the bill so schools could continue to budget using the prior year’s property valuations to allow districts to keep some of the funds that come from growth in property values from one year to the next. Under the current bill, districts that saw growth would send more money to the state as part of state’s recapture funds.

The senate’s bill also “spends lavishly on raises for public employees,” by mandating a $5,000 across-the-board raise for teachers. “It ties the hands of local school districts so they will have very little money to commit to merit pay for teachers or for increasing resources in poor schools or any other proven effort at public education reform,” the editorial reads.

Read “The plan to fix Texas school funding is more poisonous than we thought” in the Dallas Morning News.

May 21, 2019