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Editorial: Voters Want School Finance Reform

A new editorial in the Dallas Morning News notes that 2018 voters couldn’t have been clearer about their desire for school finance reform to be a top priority for the Texas Legislature.

The session started with optimism and a sense that legislators wanted to get something meaningful accomplished. As the session draws to a close, the focus on property tax relief has increased as the differences in House and Senate versions of school finance reform have multiplied.

“If [lawmakers] fail to reconcile their differences to pass an effective school finance bill this session, they will let their fed-up constituents down…Most important, they will have done a real disservice to the millions of Texas public schoolchildren,” the editorial reads, noting that voters aren’t likely to take broken promises lightly in future elections.

The buzz for a special session has started, but that’s problematic for districts because they set budgets and tax rates in June. “The Senate should turn to the finer details of Huberty’s bill and see this thing through before the session ends in less than a month,” the editorial reads.

“We’ve had too many disappointing sessions where good intentions on school finance reform were doused by political infighting. Lawmakers can’t let that happen again,” it concludes.

Read “Austin, property tax relief is good, but what about school finance reform?” Dallas Morning News.

May 8, 2019