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Poll: State Needs to Spend More on Public Education

A new University of Houston poll indicates that Texans believe the state needs to lower property taxes but spend more on public education. Texas currently funds about 36 percent of the cost of public education. More than 80 percent of 1,000 Texas voters surveyed online say the state should fund 50 percent or more of the cost.

To generate additional revenue, respondents suggested increased taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and the oil and gas industry. They also supported the legalization and taxing of recreational marijuana and gambling. Seventy-five percent opposed introducing a state income tax. Fifty percent opposed increasing the state sales tax (legislators are debating a proposal that would raise the state sales tax by 1 percent to fund a decrease in property taxes).

Read “80 percent of Texans say more state funds should go to schools” by Paul Cobler, San Antonio Express-News.

April 17, 2019