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Editorial: Permanent School Fund Needs Oversight, Transparency

A new editorial in the San Antonio Express-News says that fixes to the state’s school finance system must also address how Texas’ Permanent School Fund—a public education endowment—is administered.

The fund has grown at a slower rate than comparable funds and paid out less in inflation-adjusted dollars over the past 20 years. An investigation also found the entities that administer the fund “less than forthcoming” about the investments made on behalf of Texas taxpayers. “The lack of transparency is troubling,” the editorial says.

The fund was created by Texas’ founders in 1854 as “a sacred trust” to forever support public education and is the largest fund of its type in the country. As state legislators prepare to invest more in public education, they’ll have to shift funds from other budget priorities, so earning as much as possible is critical. “…Steps must be taken to ensure Texas schoolchildren reap the maximum benefits,” the editorial states.

Read “Permanent School Fund needs increased oversight and transparency,” San Antonio Express-News.

April 8, 2019