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Op-ed: Lawmakers Should Grab Chance to Fix School Finance

Former lawmaker and public education advocate Jimmie Don Aycock’s new op-ed recounts his frustrations with the Legislature’s failure to pass school finance reform during his time in the Texas House. School finance bills faced opposition not only from private school advocates, but also sometimes from varied groups of education advocates who didn’t think their interests were adequately addressed. “Unless their particular interest was taken care of, any proposal in the center was doomed…” Aycock observed.

Of this session, he says, “Once again, money is available. Once again, the public wants action. Most important of all, the children of Texas need an updated school finance system that addresses today’s reality.”

He notes that House Bill 3 is not perfect, but it is the best chance to improve school finance in years. “If you are a teacher, if you are an administrator, if you are a parent, if you are a business owner, if you are a home owner—HB 3 is our best opportunity to make significant progress in the complicated realm of school finance. Please don’t be part of a circular firing squad,” Aycock wrote.

Read “Lawmakers should grab this chance to fix school finance” by Jimmie Don Aycock, TribTalk.

March 26, 2019