Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Would Outcomes-Based Funding Cause the Rich to Get Richer?

Texas lawmakers seem to agree that public schools need additional funds but differ on how those funds should be allocated.

One school finance plan being discussed by the Texas Legislature would reward schools with additional funds when students excel. They view additional funds as a carrot for schools to improve performance. Others are concerned that passing such an incentive would just make already rich schools richer.

According to an article that appeared in the Dallas Morning News, “…If Texas embraces a system that ties funding schools to student performance, it will be treading into territory where few have gone. And critics warn the model would simply lavish more money on schools that need it the least, while depriving poorer schools of more resources.”

Read “Would ‘rich get richer’ under proposal to tie Texas school funding to student performance?” by Rebekah Allen, Dallas Morning News.

March 12, 2019