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Correcting the Record: District Spending on Teacher Salaries

At Monday’s Senate Public Education Committee meeting, it was stated that only 35 percent of district budgets go to teacher pay.

That is an extremely misleading statement because it includes revenues from the interest and sinking (I&S) tax fund that can’t be used for instruction. State law requires school districts to use I&S money on bond payments for capital projects. Maintenance and Operations (M&O) tax rates are used to fund the daily operation of schools, including salaries for teachers.

When you consider the operational expenses of school districts and the breakdown of expenses, school districts spend around 47 percent of the money dedicated to instruction on teachers, with the second highest expenditure being support personnel and instructional materials (19 percent). By comparison, Central Administration expenditures only account for 3 percent of the total expenditures of school districts.

Read “Tracking the Traditional Public School Dollar” by Moak, Casey & Associates.

February 28, 2019