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TASB Legislative Chair Speaks Out on Public Ed Funding

A potential boost to school funding is getting a lot of attention from state lawmakers this session, though legislators and local decision makers are not necessarily in agreement on how that should be done.

When a legislative leader asked Fort Bend ISD Trustee Jim Rice what he thought about a proposal that would provide $5,000 raises for teachers, he said, “…It’s not a good idea unless is sustainable. Who wants to get a $5,000 raise this year and then we’re going to take it away from them next year because there’s no money?” As first vice president of TASB’s Board of Directors and chair of the Legislative Committee, Rice is no novice when it comes to school finance.

“I hope that the Legislature is very careful when they come up with the new revenue stream, because when they constrain us like this, it really hampers our ability to meet our financial obligations and there’s a lot of unintended consequences,” he said.

Read “Texas Association of School Board legislative chair speaks out on public education funding” by Kristi Nix, Houston Chronicle.

February 27, 2019