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CPPP: SB 2 and HB 2 Are Wrong Approach to Property Tax Puzzle

The Texas Legislature is recycling a failed idea from the last legislative session—a property tax cap that would force cities, counties, community colleges, hospital districts, and possibly school districts—to hold an election any time they want to raise property taxes by more than 2.5 percent. SB 2 applies to entities with tax revenue over $15 million.

Dick Lavine, senior fiscal analyst for the Center for Public Policy Priorities (CPPP), noted that when we elect our local officials, we are choosing by extension how much we want to pay for schools, public safety, and other services. “This legislation suggests that state leaders don’t trust Texans to make the best decisions for our own communities,” Lavine said.

“If the Texas Legislature is really concerned about property taxes, then it should join the business leaders and other Texans calling for more state investment in public schools,” Lavine wrote. He urged Texans contact their state senator to voice their opposition to SB 2.

Read “Why SB 2 and HB 2 Are the Wrong Approaches to the Property Tax Puzzle,” by Dick Lavine, Center for Public Policy Priorities.

February 18, 2019