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Commentary: Legislators Must Reform School Funding This Session

A new commentary by Robert Lowry, political science professor at The University of Texas at Dallas, says that the top issue for the Texas Legislature should be reforming school finance.

So far, a proposed property tax cap is getting most of the attention. “There may be a temptation among some to do the politically easy thing by limiting further increases in property taxes while kicking the can down the road on other issues related to public school finance. However, limiting or reducing property tax revenue without considering the consequences for programs and establishing alternative sources of revenue would be deeply irresponsible. I say this as a homeowner whose property tax bill has increased significantly,” Lowry writes.

Lowry notes that failing to address the situation would be a missed opportunity that would fester for at least two years, a significant share of a student’s total time in public schools.

Read “The Texas Legislature must reform school funding this session, no delays this time,” by Robert Lowry, Dallas Morning News.

February 12, 2019