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Statement: Find a Sustainable Source to Fund Public Schools

TASB Spokesperson Dax González called on Texas legislators to find a sustainable revenue source outside of property taxes to fund public schools. “The state has left it to school districts to raise necessary funds locally, and now the state is relying on local property taxes to pay for more than 60 percent of public school funding,” González’s statement read.

He noted that more than 400 school districts are already taxing at the maximum rate allowed, so imposing a cap without identifying another permanent source of funding could have devastating consequences for students.

“The state’s declining support for public education coupled with its penchant for piling unfunded mandates upon local school districts is a crippling trend. TASB and Texas school trustees look forward to working with legislators to reduce the state’s reliance on local property taxes and to identify dependable, sustainable sources of revenue for our schools. Both steps are necessary for the future of our state,” the statement reads.

Read his statement on TASB’s website.

February 4, 2019