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Fund Public Ed without Constraining Local Control

A new commentary by Mike Moses, former Texas education commissioner, urges lawmakers to fund public education without capping property tax increases.

“Viewed as a whole, it is clear that the state has been increasing its reliance on property taxes to fund public education while simultaneously restricting local school board members’ ability to fund their schools appropriately…This demonstrates an alarming lack of trust in the voters of Texas by state leaders.” Moses said.

Moses said state lawmakers should do all they can to fund public schools and that local officials will be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. “To safeguard local control is to remain true to the independent spirit for which our state is known. We are all in this together. If we succeed, our children will be well-served—and our future as a state will be secured,” Moses said.

Read “Texas can fund public education without constraining local control” by Mike Moses, TribTalk.

January 29, 2019