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Editorial: No Excuses to Not Fund Public Education

A rosy budget situation brought about by an increase in tax collections plus a Rainy Day Fund that’s flush with more than $15 billion of taxpayer cash means that Texas lawmakers have no excuses for not funding public education in this legislative session.

A new editorial in the San Antonio Express-News notes that any fix to public education funding must be sustainable. “It’s paramount public education funding is tied to dedicated funding sources. It can’t come permanently from the state’s rainy day fund, or from extra money announced at the beginning of the legislative session.”

Some state leaders have proposed a 2.5 percent cap on property taxes for school districts along with increased state funding. “Such a cap is far too low,” the editorial notes. “So, on one hand, the state would increase spending. But on the other hand, local school districts would also be out billions. Clearly, this is not a winning formula—and should not be pursued.”

Texas’ economic future depends on skilled workers who successfully pursue advanced or vocational degrees. “The state’s future economy, the experts say, will need this level of educated workers,” the editorial reads.

“There are no excuses for lawmakers to yet again fail on this issue,” it concludes.

Read “No excuses to not fund public education, other priorities,” San Antonio Express-News.

January 17, 2019