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Editorial: State Funding Needed to Fix School Finance

A new editorial in the San Antonio Express-News notes that something is missing in the Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to fix school finance: an increase in state funding. Instead, his plan focuses on capping property tax revenues for school districts, cities, and counties at 2.5 percent, dedicating the savings to property tax relief and large rewards for excellent educators who agree to teach in low-performing schools.

The editorial notes that the state has not kept up its end of the bargain when it comes to funding public schools (state funding is projected to drop to 38 percent in 2019). His call to cap property tax revenue increases at 2.5 percent is far too low and needs to come with a corresponding increase in state funding, the editorial says.

State Rep. Diego Bernal (D-San Antonio) is concerned that school finance could be used as a Trojan horse: lowering property taxes but starving public schools, cities, and counties of needed funding. In a previous commentary, the governor acknowledged that additional state funding would be necessary. “…That’s where the emphasis should be,” the editorial notes. “School finance has to be more than just property tax relief.”

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November 26, 2018