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Education Is a Key Election Issue

In states across the country, public schools have suffered from budget cuts. Teachers have protested poor pay and insufficient school funding.

“Americans have long cited education as a key concern when asked by pollsters to list issues important to them, but it has never been seen as one that could affect their vote. But for a combination of reasons, including the inevitable swing of the political pendulum, things seem different this year,” Strauss writes.

  • In Connecticut, National Teacher of the Year in 2016 Jahana Hayes is competing for a seat in Congress on a platfo In Arizona, education issues dominated the first gubernatorial debate. rm of improving public education.
  • Teacher strikes and protests in West Virginia, Colorado, Kentucky, and Oklahoma garnered public support.
  • An unprecedented number of teachers are running for office—enough to flip control of state legislatures in at least two states (Maine and Minnesota).
  • In Kentucky, House Majority Leader Jonathan Shell was ousted by Travis Brenda, a high school teacher.
  • In Pennsylvania, Democrat Conor Lamb won a US House seat after making education a key issue in his campaign and talking about teachers deserving recognition.

Read “Education—and Betsy DeVos—are issues in key political races this November,” by Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post.

October 15, 2018