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Solving Property Tax Problems Requires Help at State and Local Levels

State lawmakers have speculated on how they can “save” taxpayers from local governments. A new commentary by Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia notes that “…it’s easier for lawmakers to blame someone else for problems they create, rather than address the statewide problems it is their responsibility to solve.”

In spite of numerous state mandates to provide services, some lawmakers are basically proposing that cities and counties never increase property taxes. At the same time, “…Austin has forced school property tax increases while pointing fingers at local school boards.” The latest school budget proposal will slash another $3.5 billion in state funds from the public education budget, resulting in a 14 percent property tax increase over the next two years.

“…Don’t tell local governments we have to carry our load and your load. Texas taxpayers can no longer afford these political shell games,” Garcia says.

Read “Stop the political shell games: Everyone needs to help solve Texas’ property tax problem,” by Elba Garcia, Dallas Morning News.

October 10, 2018