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Public Ed Advocate Milder Encourages Schools to Invite Elected Officials

Scott Milder, founder of Friends of Texas Public Schools (FOTPS), recently answered five questions on School Priority Month.

School Priority Month happens each October before a legislative session. Make Education a Priority, a campaign under FOTPS, encourages school leaders to invite elected officials from every level of government to visit public schools to see the good work that’s being done and build relationships. “The better local leaders understand their public schools, the more likely school leaders can conquer existing challenges. Ask them to shadow the principal or a teacher for a few hours, join students for lunch in the cafeteria, and speak with students about their roles in government,” Milder said.

Milder believes that public schools face image problems “…created by those who intentionally spread misinformation to undermine public confidence in our public schools.” Encouraging elected officials to spend some hands-on time in schools can correct any misperceptions they may have.

Read “Make Education a Priority: Five Questions with…Scott Milder, Public Education Advocate” on the Friends of Texas Public Schools website.

September 28, 2018