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Editorial: Put Public School Funding First

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently called for the state to increase its share of funding for public education. A new editorial in the San Antonio Express-News notes that it’s high time to do so, and that the governor must keep the Legislature focused on that objective.

There was a move in the last session to improve funding for public schools, but it was squelched by an amendment that would have brought vouchers to the state. Another distracting issue—a controversial bill to regulate the bathroom use of transgender people—prevented legislators from focusing on public education funding. There are indications that there will be another bathroom bill in the next session that begins in January. “We cannot afford a replay of the last session in which precious time and energy were wasted while furthering political agendas,” the editorial reads.

It concludes, “We support [the governor’s] call for paying teachers more, rewarding districts for student achievement and growth, prioritizing spending in the classroom and reducing the tax burdens of property owners (first step: increase state school funding).”

“We just hope that like a good teacher, he can keep his colleagues in Austin on topic.”

Read “Governor must keep Legislature focused on public school finance,” in the San Antonio Express-News.

September 26, 2018