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State Education Spending Falls with Increasing Property Values

The Texas Education Agency expects property values to rise 6.8 percent over the next two years. That’s great for the state, because its budget situation improves whenever property taxes rise. But it’s challenging for property owners, who shoulder more and more of the cost of public education.

An analysis in the Texas Tribune explains the politics surrounding this funding shift:

“This is so normal in Texas politics and state budgeting that even the finger-pointing is choreographed. Local officials say the state is funding its budget with money that’s supposed to be spent in local schools. State officials will tell you that’s how the school finance formulas are supposed to work: by figuring out local property values—what the school district can raise locally—and then adding enough state funding to bring them to the level where the state wants them to be. Local officials will tell you that the state is scamming taxpayers, funding state government by bleeding money out of local schools and the property taxes that support them,” says author Ross Ramsey.

Read “Analysis: Property taxes rise, state education spending falls. That’s the design,” by Ross Ramsey,  Texas Tribune.

September 17, 2018