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School Funding Debate Marked by ‘Appetite for Change’

School funding is an issue in every legislative session. Will something finally be done to increase funding and improve equity in the coming legislative session? There appears to be some reason for optimism.

Josh Sanderson, deputy director of the Equity Center, was interviewed by KXAN (Austin) and said that there is reason to believe that real change might happen this session. “If no action is taken, it amounts to saying the current system is acceptable. I don’t think that sentiment exists, either within the legislative bodies or within the public at large,” Sanderson said.

“…There is an appetite for change and an appetite for reform in the way that we fund our schools, both on our overreliance—some would argue—on property taxes and on the amount we’re actually spending on students for public education purposes,” Sanderson said.

Watch “‘Appetite for change’ as school funding tax burden rises in Texas,” on KXAN.

September 13, 2018