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Aycock: Public Education Changes Lives

Former Texas House of Representatives member Jimmie Don Aycock believes that education changes lives. He’s no longer chairman of the House’s Public Education Committee, but as a first-generation college graduate, Aycock continues to extol the virtues of public education.

His greatest concern heading into a 2019 legislative session is the negative narrative surrounding public education that often goes unchallenged. “When it comes to legislation, public opinion will influence and eventually be reflected in public policy,” Aycock said. He urges districts to engage the community to share the responsibility for educating children. He’s also concerned about state’s dependency on local property taxes to pay for public education. “The longer taxpayers shoulder the cost of education, the more we run the risk of eroding public support,” Aycock said.

He urges education leaders to take part in School Priority Monday in October and invite local elected officials to visit districts. “The more familiar elected officials are with their local schools, the more we can count on their support to positively influence policymakers in Austin,” Aycock said.

Read “Five Questions with Dr. Jimmie Don Aycock, Public Education Advocate,” on the Make Education a Priority website. (Scroll down to the downloadable document in the column on the right.)

September 5, 2018