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What A‒F Letter Grades for Districts Won’t Tell You

A‒F letter grades are now a reality for Texas school districts, thanks to a law passed by the 85th Texas Legislature. Proponents say letter grades are an easy way for parents and community members to ascertain how effective schools are. Critics argue that the grades are a vast oversimplification and don’t reflect diverse student learning needs or the array of programs and services school districts offer.

Moak, Casey & Associates, school finance and accountability experts, produced a comprehensive explanation of why the grades really aren’t so easy to understand. They make some key points about the system:

  • Higher poverty districts get lower grades
  • The grades lack context, so districts that receive a ‘C’ don’t know whether to celebrate or react with concern
  • The grades devalue the work of educators, support staff, and parents

The document also offers some suggestions for people who want to take action to improve the system.

Read “The Rest of the Story: What the Texas A‒F Letter Grades Do Not Tell You,” on the Moak, Casey & Associates website.

August 20, 2018