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Numbers Show Texas School Funding Can Improve

A new editorial in the Beaumont Enterprise highlighted two numbers related to school finance.

The first was $2.5 billion, the amount Texas legislators have taken from public education over the past decade, according to a new survey by the American Federation of Teachers. The second number, $2.8 billion, is the amount of money the state comptroller estimates legislators will have to work with when the next session begins in January.

The editorial reads, “The Legislature must commit more money to help local school districts, especially because its share of total educational spending has dropped from about half to less than 40 percent. Local taxpayers have been making up that difference—or school districts have been doing without.”

The editorial acknowledges the state’s other budget priorities and fiscal challenges, but notes that public school funding has lagged for the past three regular legislative sessions and needs to be addressed.

“Texas lawmakers are proud of the state’s booming business climate that produced these revenues, and rightly so. But the Texas economy of the future will need educated workers to keep that momentum going,” the editorial states. “The school-funding bill that lands on the governor’s desk next June will have a big impact on that future.”

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July 30, 2018