Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Understanding How Texas Schools Are Funded

Funding for public schools has had a prominent place in the news, with teacher walkouts and protests garnering attention. A new opinion piece in the Houston Chronicle takes an in-depth look at how Texas funds its public schools.

“…It’s important to point out that the way we pay for our public schools is complex, outdated, and underfunded. These complexities have been compounded over time and hide how truly simple the school finance system was intended to be,” the author writes.

She notes that funding schools is a shared responsibility between the state and local property taxpayers, with the state determining how much total funding each school district gets through a set of formulas.

“Because property values are rising in many parts of the state, school districts are increasingly able to meet their allowed funding levels with less help from state revenue. When local taxes go up, the state contributes less—it’s a zero sum game, sadly, letting the state off the hook for funding public education,” the author writes.

Read, “So how, exactly, does Texas fund its public schools?” by Chandra Villanueva, program director of the Economic Opportunity Team at the Center for Public Policy Priorities, Houston Chronicle.

July 23, 2018