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A–F is a Poor Way to Evaluate Districts and Schools

District and school evaluation is an important and potentially valuable process. It’s also a difficult thing to do well.

Texas’ will soon label districts with A‒F letter grades. Because they are so simplistic, these grades aren’t likely to shed much light on complex district performance data or the number of students with learning challenges in any district.

Author David Stasny says, “So far, the early analysis clearly has shown a very strong correlation between a high level of family poverty and lower school and district ‘grades.’” You might think the grades of districts that have a large population of poor students but still manage to be high performing would be higher. “Under the current system this is absolutely not the case,” Stasny writes.

Read “Assigning a letter grade is a poor way to evaluate education,” by David Stasny, The Eagle. Stasny is a member of the Bryan ISD school board and the TASB Legislative Advisory Council.

July 19, 2018