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Commentary: Texas Districts Need to Keep More of the Tax Dollars They Raise

Dallas ISD is a district that faces challenges yet has a track record of success.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa projects that the number of “improvement required schools” will decrease from 13 last year to three for the coming year. A good teacher evaluation system and program to put effective teachers where they are most needed has helped to turn schools around. The district has also seen across-the-board improvements on STAAR tests in reading and math. These strides were made even though 90 percent of the district’s students are poor and face a variety of challenges that make learning more difficult.

For the first time next year, the district will have to relinquish $39 million to the state for property poor districts. The editorial notes that state lawmakers couldn’t have had Dallas ISD in mind when recapture was adopted. It reads, “It’s up to legislators to come out of public school finance hearings this summer with the goal of revisiting this policy and finally overhauling the system—so the very kids they were trying to help won’t be hurt.”

Read “Dallas ISD will send millions back to the state—and Texas needs to help schoolkids keep more of it,” in the Dallas Morning News.

July 17, 2018