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Recapture Takes a Serious Bite Out of District Budgets

Austin’s property taxes continue to rise so you’d think Austin ISD would be in good shape headed into the 2018–19 school year. Unfortunately, the more the district collects in taxes, the more it hands over to the state.

The district recently approved a budget that sends more than half of its local tax revenue ($670 million) to the state. Part of that money is redistributed to smaller, poorer school districts, and part is used to fill other state budget holes. If the pace of recapture keeps up, the district could deplete its reserves within the next three years. “This is not Robin Hood, this is piracy,” said Trustee Ted Gordon.

Read “Missing from Austin ISD’s Budget? More Than Half the Money Raised from Property Taxes,” by Claire McInerny, KUT.

July 6, 2018