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No Magic Bullet Will Fix School Funding

In a new commentary featured in TribTalk, former state representative and public education advocate Jimmie Don Aycock noted that Texas’ latest commission to study school finance isn’t likely to come up with a quick fix.

“Amid years of ongoing study, what have we learned? We have learned there are no easy answers and certainly no magic bullets to fix education funding,” Aycock writes. He lists the state’s options:

  • Live with a mediocre education system.
  • Accept very high local property taxes as the state pays less and less of the overall cost of education.
  • Realistically face the need to enhance state revenue.

“As our Commission on Public Education Finance struggles through the summer we wish them well. Most of us believe that accepting mediocrity is not very Texan. But the reality is that, without a discussion about increasing state revenue, their work can only join the myriad of other dust-covered school finance studies that have preceded them,” Aycock writes.

Read “Time for a reality check on public education” by Jimmie Don Aycock in TribTalk.

May 8, 2018