Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Texas Needs Real Answers on the Cost of Public Education

When asked about the adequacy of education in Texas, state leaders are fond of saying that more than half of the state’s budget (52 percent) is devoted to education.

That statement on its own isn’t very helpful in terms of understanding how much it costs to educate our kids. As a new commentary in the San Antonio Express-News points out, Texas has allocated much more of its total budget to education in the past. In 1998–99, for example, Texas dedicated 61 percent of its budget to education (K–12 and public colleges and universities), according to Politifact Texas. That number has dropped steadily since that time.

Sure, education is the biggest expense in the state budget, but as a percentage of the budget, Texas’ spending on it is at a 20-year low. Leaders also say they have “fully funded” the Foundation School Program, but that’s not the same as ensuring that it the funding provided adequately covers the state’s needs.

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May 3, 2018