Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Schools Require Maintenance

A commentary by Margaret Nicklas in the Austin American-Statesman notes that recent news stories have focused on the sorry state of some schools across the country. Tattered, outdated textbooks and facilities in disrepair due to a lack of funding are increasingly common.

It is well documented that teachers also pay for classroom materials to engage their students. Parents, in turn, are asked to volunteer their time for fundraisers and chip in to cover other costs. “We pay dearly in property taxes and wonder why more of these costs cannot already be covered by public funds. They should be,” Nicklas writes.

“The answer is not to ask teachers and parents to chip in more. The answer is to collect and equitably distribute the necessary funds across public education systems and fund it like the priority it should be—for all our children. They represent, as we know, our very future, even those who don’t have children of their own,”

Read “Commentary: Schools need good maintenance, like your car and home,” by Margaret Nicklas, special to the Austin American-Statesman.

May 1, 2018