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School Districts are Feeling the Pinch

For eight straight years, Conroe and Cypress-Fairbanks ISDs have been given the Texas Smart Schools Award for districts with prudent financial practices and high academic achievement.

But sound fiscal management hasn’t been enough to stave off looming deficits due to the state’s broken school finance system. Cypress-Fairbanks ISD will face a $50 million deficit next school year and Conroe ISD will face its first deficit in a decade within four years. “If we’ve been one of the most efficient districts in the state, and we’re facing this crisis, imagine what other districts are dealing with,” said Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Chief Financial Officer Stuart Snow.

One legislator went as far as suggesting that schools might need to seek donations from philanthropic organizations to gain additional revenue. The author notes that the current state of education funding “…is entirely the Legislature’s responsibility. We are here because they refuse to adequately fund schools, and because they use the increases in property valuations to fund the rest of the budget, while blaming local officials for their shortfalls and tax hikes.”

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April 26, 2018