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When the State’s War on Public Education Hits Home

An editorial in the San Antonio Express-News highlights the plight of North East ISD, a San Antonio district that will have to pay the state millions as a “property rich” district for the first time in 2019. Becoming a Robin Hood district will result in budget cuts, eliminating 117 teaching positions, delaying expenses, and possibly raising local taxes to help balance the budget.

The problem, the editorial notes, is this: “…the state has done nothing to address its byzantine, antiquated, severely broken, but somehow constitutional, school finance system.” While the Texas Supreme Court stopped short of ordering the state to fix its school finance problems, it also didn’t give state leaders a free pass to do nothing, saying that Texas’ more than five million students deserve better than the current system.

Regarding the latest attempt to study the issue, the Texas Commission on Public School Finance, the editorial says that the proof will be in the pudding. It calls for increased funding for public schools and an end to the so-called “Robin Hood” system.

“The Texas Commission on Public School Finance is attempting to craft recommendations to fix this broken system. But if the past is prologue, lawmakers won’t act, continuing a legacy of failing millions of Texas schoolchildren,” the editorial reads.

Read “The state’s war on public education hits home” by the San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board.

April 18, 2018