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Wanted: State Leaders Who Support Public Education

An editorial in the Longview News-Journal imagines a time when the Texas Legislature works to make public education better, not attack it at every turn.

“Just a dream, we know, but it is also fun to imagine that not just the legislative branch of our government but those in the executive branch—governor, lieutenant governor, comptroller and the rest—would do whatever they could to see that each of our state’s children can receive a good public education.

“After all, that requirement is right there in the state constitution,” the editorial reads.

The editorial focuses on “the latest assaults on school systems,” funding cuts to high-quality pre-k programs. “That has hundreds of districts…scrambling to continue meeting the programs’ requirements while funding is stripped.”

Read Editorial: Dreaming of state officials who care about education in the Longview News-Journal.

April 11, 2018