Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Editorial: Pressure Lawmakers to Support Public Schools

An editorial in the Victoria Advocate notes that for years, “Politicians have baffled taxpayers through misdirection with their funding formulas and dangerous rhetoric devaluing the importance of public education.” Over time, these words and actions have allowed legislators to slash the state’s share of education funding (and push more of the funding burden onto local taxpayers through property taxes).

With increasing student enrollment and state funding dropping more than 12 percent, per-pupil funding is less now than it was in 2008. Texas lawmakers have escaped a court mandate to fix school funding, though the justices did declare our system of funding schools broken and implored them to fix it. And fix it they should.

A new Texas A&M study shows that increased spending on public education matters. Professor Lori Taylor studied Kansas school funding and concluded spending more on public education improves student outcomes. Texas has the same problems as Kansas, though on a significantly larger scale. The editorial notes that Texas legislators have shown “…no political will to do right by the state’s students.”

Victoria School Trustee Tami Keeling told the commission studying public school funding that, “Public school academics, extra- and co-curricular activities and diversity shaped who I am today. I believe the system that served me well is worth my investment today. I believe in paying it forward like those who invested in public schools for me.”

Read “Pressure lawmakers to adequately support our schools” in the Victoria Advocate.

April 4, 2018