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School Finance Commission Needs the Facts

You’d think the commission meeting to study the issue of school finance would find it relatively easy to get an answer to the question, “How much does it cost to adequately educate students to be ready for college, the military, or workforce?”

According to an editorial in the Houston Chronicle, “Since the cost of a modern education is likely to be more expensive than they’d want to pay, lawmakers have assembled a distinguished group of commissioners, only to blindfold them by withholding the facts.”

“Without this key information, these hearings are little more than a setup for a political decision, not one designed to meet the needs of students—or the needs of our state economy,” the editorial says.

“Our state must stop leaving behind so many of our students—and with them, our future,” the editorial states.

Read “Fixing school finance isn’t rocket surgery” in the Houston Chronicle.

March 26, 2018