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Education Is a Winning Political Issue

An editorial by David Leonhardt says that there is a winning political issue hiding in plain sight: education.

There’s a high level of misinformation surrounding education in this country. The media coverage of K–12 schools gives a person the impression that they are always in crisis. Simultaneously, the cost of college (and debt incurred by many to earn a degree) has given higher education a black eye. “Whatever complaints people may have about their local school or college costs, most have no doubt that their children need a good education. People see it as the most reliable path to a good life, and they are right,” Leonhardt says.

The popularity of education offers politicians a giant opportunity: the chance to talk about something their voters care more about than any Twitter-happy politician or political scandal on the horizon.

Read “A Winning Political Issue Hiding in Plain Sight,” by David Leonhardt in The New York Times.

March 22, 2018