Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Public Schools Are Meeting Challenges of the Future

An editorial in the Fredericksburg Standard notes that these are not the easiest times for public education. That’s because state leaders unfairly label all schools as “struggling” based on the results of a few that are low-performing. “This should get the hackles up of every resident who sends their child to a public school and sees the sun-up to sun-down work done by administrators, teachers, coaches, and staff,” the author writes.

The characterization has caused some state legislators to attempt to divert tax dollars to support private or religious schools. Their efforts ignore the Texas Constitution, which calls for the support and maintenance of free public schools. “Our leaders seem to have lost the vision for the greater good where education is concerned and they are being influenced by agenda-driven groups,” the editorial states.

Read “Public Schools Are Society’s Foundation” by Ken Esten Cooke in the Fredricksburg Standard.

March 13, 2018