Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Teaching the Vote

A commentary by Richard Stone in the Taylor Press outlines the state’s voter turnout problem well. Even in presidential election years, Texas ranks among the states with the lowest voter turnout. In nonpresidential election years, the problem is significantly worse.

The state also has plenty of serious issues to address, with public education near the top of the list. With barely a handful of people voting, the public’s education interests—one of them being that schools get the state funding they need—are often not well-represented. Despite the pro-education talk from legislators, the state’s share of public school funding has eroded over the last decade, going from 45 percent to around 38 percent.

Stone calls on educators to teach students to vote by voting themselves, noting that teachers often model the behaviors they want students to emulate. “…If kids see that teachers are engaged and vote, they are more likely to become engaged and actually vote,” Stone said. With 350,000 educators in Texas, instilling a “culture of voting” could make a difference for public schools.

Read “The Ragged Edge: Let’s teach ’em to vote,” by Richard Stone in the Taylor Press.

March 1, 2018