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Property Tax Relief Must Be Tied to Increased School Funding

An editorial in the San Antonio Express-News says a new plan to lower property taxes is unlikely to get the predicted results because it doesn’t include concrete steps to fund public schools, the largest driver of increasing property tax costs. The plan is worse than a similar plan from the last legislative session because the school finance remedy it lays out is “vague and inadequate.”

The editorial maintains that the plan is a way of controlling school district spending without adequately improving state spending. And while it forbids new state mandates, it’s silent on existing mandates.

Regarding funding, the plan says the state should “be prepared to increase its share to the extent necessary to ensure that public schools have access to the funding they need.” However, using history as a guide, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that the state won’t be up to the task. “If it had, your property taxes would be much lower,” the editorial reads.

Read “Property tax relief is directly tied to school funding,” by the San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board.

January 30, 2018