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Who’s Responsible for Special Education Failures?

A recent federal monitoring report says that Texas failed students with disabilities by capping the number identified to limit the services provided and cut costs.

The finger pointing came shortly after the report hit the news. Local school districts were accused of “dereliction of duty” for failing to serve students by a top state officeholder. School officials fired back. The Texas School Alliance and school administrator groups sent a statement to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) contending that a special education cap began at the urging of the Texas Legislature. They cited a 2004 House Public Education Committee interim report that surveyed other states about special education programs and recommended ways to discourage identifying too many students with disabilities or impose caps on the number eligible for services.

“We weren’t derelict: The state of Texas was derelict, the Texas Education Agency was derelict,” said Alief ISD Superintendent HD Chambers. “We were following what they put in place.”

Read “Special education caps were the Texas Legislature’s idea, educators say,” by Aliyya Swaby in the Texas Tribune.

January 18, 2018