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Students May Be the Big Losers If Funding Drought Continues

An editorial in the Dallas Morning News bemoans the funding (or lack thereof) for Texas public schools. The item was based a recent study by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that noted that Texas is spending fewer dollars per student than it did in 2008.

The editorial board voiced frustration with the fact that lawmakers “barely tinkered around the edges of school funding this session, and they’ve consistently failed to overhaul the state’s convoluted funding system.”

They also haven’t fully restored funding cuts from 2011. The problem is compounded by the fact that Texas adds about 80,000 students per year, meaning Texas schools are under constant pressure to do more with less state funding. Local taxpayers have picked up some of the slack, but, as the editorial notes, that’s no long-term solution.

“Taxpayers need to insist that our leaders put educating our children at the top of the priority list and pony up enough public dollars to make it work. Our students—and our collective futures—are the biggest losers if we don’t,” the editorial states.

Read “Texas is going in the wrong direction on school funding, and it’s the students who pay,” in the Dallas Morning News.

December 6, 2017