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Recent Research Indicates Vouchers Don’t Improve Achievement

The latest research on large-scale voucher programs has complicated the debate over private school choice. Studies of voucher programs in Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, and the District of Columbia have found that the students served fare worse academically after leaving public schools.

“…If anything, it looks like that maybe kids going to private school on voucher programs might do worse in reading and math than they do in public [schools],” said David Figlio, an economist at Northwestern University. His study of vouchers for low-income students in Ohio found that voucher students performed much worse on state tests than peers who were eligible for vouchers but remained in public schools.

In Florida, the program allowing low-income students to attend private schools (the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship) has had zero effect on student achievement. That was true of most early voucher research, according to Figlio.

Read “‘Precious Little Evidence’ That Vouchers Improve Achievement, Recent Research Finds,” by Arianna Prothero in Education Week.

November 27, 2017