Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Passing the Buck on Education Funding

Texas’ school finance system has gotten much attention for its failings. Texas Public Radio recently hosted a community conversation about whether it can be fixed.

One of the participants, Rep. Diego Bernal (D-San Antonio), vice chairman of the House Committee on Public Education, talked about the common refrain about education: that you can’t just throw money at it and expect good results.

“Show me when we’ve actually tried that,” Bernal said. “There’s a literal passing of the buck where people don’t want to invest in education the way we should. I also think it’s important to point out that in the past 10 years or so, the state of Texas has divested in education by about a full third, so we’re not throwing money at anybody, we’re taking money away and then asking them to perform. So it might make a good talking point in front of a certain crowd, but for the most part, it defies reality.”

Read “Texas Has a Broken School Finance System—Can It Be Fixed?” on the Texas Public Radio website.

November 16, 2017