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FOTPS: On School Choice, Property Taxes, and Politics

Friends of Texas Public Schools (FOTPS) recently published an editorial taking on the Texas Legislature for its refusal to fund public schools at the same time it pushes school privatization.

Scott Milder, FOTPS founder, said that those pushing for public funds for private schools don’t want to pay taxes to fund public schools because their children attend private schools. Also, when privatizers see the money invested annually in public schools, they see profits that could be made by getting rid of them. “I am convinced the intent is even more devious than that; underfunding our schools makes it more difficult for them to succeed, which fuels the privatization argument,” Milder writes.

The property tax implications of this failure to provide funding that keeps up with student growth and inflation is obvious: local schools have to raise property taxes to keep public schools running. Even those districts fortunate enough to be in areas with rising property values don’t get the benefit of the additional funds. “When local property values rise…the state reduces its contribution to your school district by the exact same dollar amount, thereby reducing the state’s share and increasing the local taxpayers’ burden,” Milder writes.

Read “A Peek Behind the Curtain of Political Rhetoric on School Choice, School Funding, and Local Property Taxes” on the FOTPS website.

September 25, 2017