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Property Tax Relief Efforts Likely to Fall Short

Every session, Texas legislators look for ways to curtail the rise in property taxes. Because school property taxes make up the largest portion of local property tax bill, raising the state’s share of per-pupil funding for schools would help accomplish that goal. However, since 2007, the year the state rejiggered formulas and balanced state and local funding, the state’s per-pupil contribution has decreased. That leaves districts with no choice but to raise more through property taxes to pay for schools.

Property tax relief is one of the items on the agenda for the recently called special session of the Texas Legislature. Unfortunately, none of the ideas on the table are likely to do much to lower property taxes, and none of them involve increasing state funding for public schools. An article by Ross Ramsey explains the futility of the situation. He writes, “Texas lawmakers have replaced the idea of lowering state taxes with a new one: Complaining alongside taxpayers who want lower taxes. Actually doing something about it has remained out of reach.”

Read “Analysis: ‘Tax relief,’ maybe, but no savings for taxpayers,” in the Texas Tribune.

June 12, 2017