Facts and insights about Texas public schools
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Why Public Schools Are Important

An interesting article in yesterday’s Washington Post encourages readers to step back and remember why Americans support public schools:

. . .Polls show that the American people value public education.

But the current political climate is downright hostile to public education.  Teachers are viewed as underperforming, administrators as overpaid and school boards as overly contentious if not dysfunctional. In certain cases, the criticism might have merit.

But overall, schools and school boards do vital work. This is what democracy looks like.

Political scientist Benjamin Barber has argued that our public schools don’t merely serve the public but actually create the public: “Public schools are not merely schools for the public, but schools of publicness: institutions where we learn what it means to be a public and start down the road toward common national and civic identity. . .”

Read the whole article here.


October 4, 2011